About Us

About us, and FAQ's

Is EatFortCollins.com Run Locally?
Yes! EatFortCollins.com is owned and operated by Choice City Solutions™ located right here in Fort Collins Colorado. We are not a large affiliate based program or anything of that nature. We live, shop, work, and EAT right here in the Choice City

What is EatFortCollins.com?
EatFortCollins.com is your total dining resource for restaurants located in Fort Collins, Colorado! We have every restaurant in Fort Collins in our database. If we missed one please let us know!

How can I get my restaurant listed?
Getting listed here is easy! Just contact us and we will list you here, simple as that.

If you are interested in getting more of your information published such as a better description, website address, sponsorship listings, or anything else, contact us and we will get you setup.

Incorrect Listings
If you notice an error in a restaurant listing such as location, phone number, etc. or if the restaurant has moved, or is no longer in business, please contact us and we will investigate the matter and make any necessary corrections.

We thank you for helping us keep our directory up-to-date!

How did this site come to be?
As most things in life, EatFortCollins.com came to be out of a simple need.

The amount of online resources for dining in Fort Collins seemed to be lacking. Everything seemed to be some type of affiliate site that wasn’t even based in Fort Collins, hard to navigate, hard to find, hard to remember, and, seemed to lack any actual content.

Menus, pictures, map locations, suggestions, and reviews were all things that were lacking. A basic need, and a bit of resourcefulness, a lot of long hours and here we are.

I hope you enjoy this resource as much as we do, and continue to visit us for all your dining information while in Fort Collins, Colorado –> The Choice City.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit our site sponsors … They are responsible for sustaining this great resource!

How do I become a member?
Joining our community is easy and FREE. Click Here to register.
There are no requirements to join, and we don’t collect any personal information, or anything of that nature. We do not sell or share any of our information.

The main reason to register is to add reviews, or update your information if you are a restaurant owner or manager. We really want you to help contribute your dining experiences in Fort Collins with other people that are out in search of a good place to eat.